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Allergy Experts

Easy tests, quick results. Don't let allergies dominate your daily life any longer.

Allergy Testing

We've been taking care of Austin's sneezy and puffy since 1975. Whether it's seasonal cedar, oak, ragweed, or the mass of pets at Zilker Park, we've got you covered. You won't know for certain what is causing those itchy eyes until we test for it.

How It Works

We offer two tests:

1. A 15-minute skin test that is totally non-invasive and tests for the 40 most common local allergens.

2. A nearly painless skin-prick blood test that checks for 150 allergens.

Your provider goes over the results with you personally and advises you on a personalized immunotherapy treatment.

Common Allergies We Test For

DogsCatsPeanutsCedarPollenLive OakRagweedDandelionsAnd many more...

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